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2.60 LBS
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Genuine Ford Racing Parts & Accessories

Product Description

  • Fits 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT
  • Approximate peak increase of 16 hp / 7 lb-ft on 93 octane fuel
  • Up to 60 lb-ft increase at 1500 rpm!
  • Eliminates skip-shift on manual transmission applications

Kit includes:

  • Ford Racing ProCal tool with performance calibration for significantly improved throttle response and performance feel
  • 2010-2011 Mustang GT High Flow K&N / Ford Racing Air Filter M-9601-MGT
  • Premium (91 octane or higher) fuel only
  • Due to multiple powertrain calibrations, online registration is required to receive ProCal calibration delivery tool after purchase.
  • Ford Racing does not ship ProCal tools directly overseas. Customers must make special arrangements with their Ford Racing Distributor.
  • Powertrain calibrations are developed and supported for U.S. and Canadian vehicles only
  • Unlike our competitors, all Ford Racing Power Upgrade Packages are 50 state emissions legal and eligible for limited warranty when installed by a Ford or Lincoln-Mercury Dealer
  • Federal and state laws prohibit any person from installing aftermarket add-on or modified parts prior to the sale of a new motor vehicle

For 2005-2009 Mustang GT see M-9603-GTB
For 2010 Mustang GT, see M-9603-MGT

NOTE: Ford Racing may ship a Certified Pre-owned ProCal tool to fulfill a customer's order. If the customer receives a pre-owned tool if will be marked: Certified Pre-Owned

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Product Reviews

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  1. TORQUE 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Aug 2016

    Awesome tuner, very easy and quick to upload. High RPM performance feels the same however under 4000 rpm the difference is huge. In 5th gear going 30 mph the car will slam you into the seat now. Passing in 6th on the highway is so effortless now. Cannot say enough good things about this tune.

  2. Outstanding product - a must have for any Mustang owner! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2015

    After installation the results were tremendous! The car drives a lot better and the response is absolutely perfect! It truly should have come out of the showroom this way. The best upgrade to add this would not disappoint any Mustang owner. Great product Ford Racing!

  3. Performs as advertised -- no disappoinments 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2014

    Upon purchasing this tuner, I was like many: I wanted to tune my already awesome 420hp daily driver...but didn't want to trash the warranty on a $10,000 engine and brand new car. I was waffling between it and a number of the popular tuners in the industry, having experienced success before on my 4.6L 3V 2007 GT.

    Ended up going with the Procal for piece of mind, a Ford-related warranty, and no documented history of hiccups or failures.

    Upon installing the tune, the effect was immediate. Does it feel like a supercharger? No. Does it feel like you just installed a set of gears and dropped off your two buddies who weigh 200lbs? Yes.

    Instant throttle response and torque. Best way to describe it, is that it feels like what I would imagine the car to be if Ford made a 5.8L version of the Coyote (not the Supercharged GT500...). The 60lbs-ft advertised at 1500rpm might be a blip on the dyno, but it's easily an extra 30-40lbs-ft through 4,000rpm.

    The engine revs smoother -- there's not that weird set-off feeling around 4,000 rpm. Pulls to redline more quickly and with more power. Noticed a little wheel hop through 2nd gear through redline that wasn't there previously.

    On top of that, as soon as I loaded it the mpg went up. Way up. I dropped my car off with 280 miles to empty showing on the dash. When I got back in 20 minutes later, it said 357 miles to empty. I usually average 17-18mpg in mixed driving on my daily commute. Right now I'm at around 22mpg.

    What's most impressive is the way it pulls in any gear. While running in 5th or 6th at 35-45mph, you usually need to downshift or the car is slow to respond. Now it pulls like you've already dropped the gear and are riding a wave of torque that is now on hand.

    I have not yet installed the K&N; no need as the stock filter has 3,000 miles on it.

    For the money, you can't beat this product. $299 if you shop around, and if you decide to move on to another tuner or mods, you can return to stock and sell the unit back to Ford for $75 -- instructions to do so are right on the box.

    It's nice that Ford makes a simple cost effective tune for this car without the horror stories of blown engines and warranty denials that happened in 2010-2012. It's a perfect street tune and will really wake up a car with the base 3.31 gears, and is pretty much perfect for 3.55s. If you have 3.73s, you will blow the tires off in 1st and 2nd at full throttle, and will need some throttle application and not treating it like a switch.

    I was concerned that being a Ford part it would be really safe, boring, and feel "cheated" by not going to another tune. Such is not the case -- the warranty, reputation, and initial feeling of it so far is perfect.

    You may want to look elsewhere if you really plan on tearing into it with a cold air kit, cat deletes, headers, etc; for the driver who just wants a little bit more oomph, instant throttle response, better mileage, engine braking/downshifting with ease without the nagging thought in the back of your head, "man if something happens to go wrong with my car, I don't want to deal with a warranty fight..." this is just about perfect.

  4. Excellent upgrade 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Sep 2014

    Ordered on the weekend, registered with Ford Racing on Monday and in my car on Tuesday. Great service from both BFR and FRPP.
    As others have stated, this is a great tune. First thing you will notice is the improved throttle response which alone is almost worth the cost. Normal shifting (MT-82) is also improved - seems to keep the revs a little higher between shifts or it could be the increased torque down low which you can really feel. Car just feels better. Plus, if you decide you don't need the procal anymore, Ford Racing will buy it back for $75.
    Highly recommended.

  5. Procal Tune and Filter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th May 2014

    My review is scored based upon this tune being warranty friendly and my own personal experience. This review is not to compare the procal to a professional dyno tune.

    For the fact that you can retain the warranty and feel the performance gains makes this tune a great option! The best part of this tune is that it will take all those annoying electronic programs such as torque management, drive by wire delay, skip shift, and lack of engine braking, and either minimize or completely eliminate them. My car actually feels "lighter" when you hit the pedal due to the added low end power increase. Torque is increased down low, however, I don't know if its a full 60 ft lbs increased being that I have not dynoed yet. Also, the fuel cutoff is now pushed back past 7000 rpms! Before my car was shutting down after 6500 and if I didn't shift on 6500 I was loosing my momentum and becoming madder than the Incredible Hulk. She pulls hard to 7000 now and feels like it should have felt from Ford. BTW, I have not experienced and "ping" and I only run Sunoco 93. I recommend this mod because it will wake up your GT and help it perform like it should have from factory. You will not regret it!

  6. Excellent improvement without voiding waranty 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2014

    This tuner really improves the drivability and low to midrange torque . Acceleration really is stonger and the sound improves. This is definitely the first mod you should do to get maximum performance gain and still keep the warranty . Slight indications of milage improvement are totally negated by improved joy of rapid acceration. And you have the piece of mind that the engine will last without being overly abused by a tuner instead of you. No ping issues, installed on 2014 Gt manuel with 3.73 gears and ford racing axle back sport muffles.

  7. Great Tune!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2013

    I am very pleased with this tuner as it provides exactly what I was looking for - much more low end torque and a little more on the top end while running basically stock A/F ratios (so not hot running engines)

    I have had no "ping" issues - I suspect that those that do have carbon buildup or an air leak in the intake system somewhere as mine has performed perfectly.

    Well worth the money.

  8. Great price and performance 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jul 2013

    I had already installed GT500 axle backs on my 2013 GT and liked the sound but didn't drive as well, engine wanted to drop off rpms when off the gas. Tuner and filter shipped to my door in days. Ford dealer only charged $50.00 to install, selected Y for octane to ensure no knock or ping. Instant smoothed out performance. Noticable harder pull from idle thru to redline. Very happy with buyfordracing.com and procal program.

  9. Must have! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Jun 2013

    If you want to keep your warranty and have a little more power for your car, this is the way to go! Power comes on sooner, quicker, and stronger than before. Also the transmission shifts WAY smoother. Ford dealership quoted me 520 dollars before tax to install the same thing that took me 20 minuets, BFR.com sold this for 289.00 with no tax. Sweet deal to me. Got an email an hour after purchasing with a copy of my voucher, registered for my tool, which comes from ford racing so it's the same one the dealer would get, had my tool 2 days later. Rest of my kit, air filter, the day after. Got a free ford racing parts catalog out of it as well. Thanks for offering fair prices on this BFR.com. This really should be stock tune for these cars.

  10. Very worthwhile upgrade 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2013

    I have not yet logged too many miles on my 2011 GT - 6 speed manual since installing the tune and filter, but my initial impressions are that it was definitely worth the money. The responsiveness has definitely improved and I can readily feel the improved torque and ease at which engine winds up quickly. I don't drive my car "close to it's limit", but I do enjoy driving it like a GT is built to do, and I absolutely love this upgrade combined with the FRP/Barton short-throw shifter/2-post bracket upgrade (which is an absolutely Must Have for any one with a manual transmission). This combo really makes the car a blast to drive! Only remaining change that I'm planning at this time is replacing the mufflers (looking for the best package).

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